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United States
Hey there I'm EvilCrayonsOfDoom, or if that's too long you can just call me Doom. I like really cute and really creepy things. I pretty much post whatever I randomly decide to do. And I take commissions.
Digital Commissions:
Traditional Commissions:

Any questions about anything, or if you just straight up wanna talk to me about life, just send me a note. I love notes. That just about encompasses me. Enjoy.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Alright, I got enough positive feedback for this contest so here we are! A Draw My OC Contest. 

How this is going to work:
  -Must be a watcher (new watchers are welcome, but as always don't just leave after)
  -Comment below to say you want to join
  -Pick one or more of my OCs below and draw them 
  -Don't post a previously made drawing of one of these characters (you can do the same character, but make something new for this contest please!)
  -No NSFW drawings, and the closer it gets to capturing the character the better!
  -If you have any questions about any of the characters (physical or personality), I'm going to put a comment below for each where I can answer any questions about them! (Don't be afraid to ask, I realize I really haven't fleshed them all out very well heh...)
  -Post the drawing and tag me!
  -You can submit multiple entries, but can only win once (so nobody can be first and second place, ya feel?)
  -Once the contest is over and I have all the submissions, I will make a journal announcing the winners and show off their pieces!
  -Have fun with it, most of my OCs are up to some level of interpretation and as long as I can still find my character in there it will count (again, though, the closer the character comes to the ideas I have in my head the better haha)

DEADLINE IS JUNE 30 (might extend this if you guys want)

Characters you can choose from: 
  -Name: Fate
         References: My Adorable Child!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Fate!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom OC Interview!Tagged by Donttouchthefluff! Thanks love!
1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun! 
I'm gonna use my OC Fate!

1. What is your real name and nickname?
Well my real name is Achotho Moirai, but its a weird name so I just use the name Fate Keller so I fit in with my adoptive family a bit better.
2. Interesting... What's your current age?
3. What's your favorite food?
Does bubblegum count if I swallow it? Because if so bubble gum. Bubblegum for sure.
4. And your favorite drink?
Water. Extra points if its holy or sacred-in-any-way water. It doesn't change the taste, but it wards off the vampires and other malevolent beings. So it tastes better psychologically.
5. Confession time! Who's your lover?
My.. uh.. boyfriend.. Alexander-I-I uh mean Alex. He prefers Alex. Alexander is too formal. Yeah. Alex. My boyfriend.

  -Name: Red
  References:  Red Sweater!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Red!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Character Thing!I used to not do these tagged thing but I'm bored and I needed to come up with some more stuff on this character anyway so why not XD. Tagged by TayLuvsTea!
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
Okay soo this is my character Red... also this is her . Sorry my answers are sorta long... I get really intense about the logistics of my characters.
1. She's a corpse walker, which is a species I made up that are physically defined as having light and clammy grey skin tinted with cool colours (their blood colour, usually blue, which gives them a corpse-like appearance). She's not an actual corpse; corpse walkers are a kind of demon that masquerade as corpses, live in cemeteries and other places of mass death, and feed off the pain and sadness of those around them. *I might actually make a more in-depth thi

-Name: Valentine
  References:  Digital Valentine!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom (Honestly he's mostly up to interpretation)

PRIZES [Update: I'm adding a 4th place because as it is right now I have something like 30 people who say they wanna join! If I get at least 20 submissions from separate deviants, I'll keep the 4th place! I'm so glad so many people wanna join!]
    1st Place: One digital coloured full body of a character (drawn by me) and a chibi (from Anon-The-Dreamer)
    2nd Place: One digital coloured waist-up of a character (drawn by me) and a full body (from AJ-H)
    3rd Place: One digital coloured bust of a character (drawn by me)
    4th Place: One digital coloured headshot of a character (drawn by me)
  (See my digital commissions sheet for guidelines about this)

If anyone wants to make prize donations that would be awesome!

I have no idea how to host a contest, so any questions about any of the info I have above (or neglected to put above) please comment! Thank you all for checking this out!
Alright, new traditional art commissions journal! I should be able to do it within a week (if something comes up and it takes longer I will notify). I accept PayPal and points and ask for payment in advance. If you want to make a request, send me a note with request info and be ready to provide mailing info (this is traditional art, so that is if you want to original copy)! I will also send a picture of a sketch before doing the final piece upon request. 
I can do stickers and laminated charms! Any questions about anything, note me! 

Pricing (per character) *includes shipping/etc.*
    -Head: $2.00/200 points (sticker or laminated version +$0.15/15 points ea.)
        Examples: Teacup Girl! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Hypnotized Zombie Girl? Quick Sketch.  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

    -Bust: $2.50/250 points (sticker or laminated version +$0.25/25 points ea.)
        Examples:  Request #8- Riley by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Demon Sketch!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

    -Waist up: $3.50/350 points (sticker or laminated version +$0.50/50 points ea.)
        Examples: Request #13- Darren by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Zombie Girl!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

    -Knee up: $4.50/450 points (sticker or laminated version +$0.75/75 points ea.)
        Examples: Witch Girl!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Hearts!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

    -Full Body: $5.50/550 points (sticker or laminated version +$1.00/100 points ea.)
        Examples:  Request #4- Guzma by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Red!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom 

     -Chibi: $3.00/300 points (sticker or laminated version +$0.50/50 points ea.)
    Examples: Little Demon!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Blue Haired Demon Girl!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

-Small Scene Drawings (will fit on a 5.5 x 8.5 in page, may not take up whole page, specify): $5.00/500 points 
    Examples:   Waterfall Girl!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Heartless Corpse  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Request #9- Siren by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

-Sticker and laminated version(s) of my previous drawings are available, and prices are however much is listed for stickers/lamination that it falls under (applies to all my drawings but requests)
-(The sticker/laminated versions are add-ons, so you would get the original for the listed price and a version where I scanned/printed the drawing and made it a sticker for the listed add-on fee)

Won't do...
-Anything nsfw (except gore)
-Digital (see Digital Sketch/Colour Commissions! [Open])
-Anthropomorphism (maybe mild, but the closer they look to an animal the less I can do it) 

Will do...
-OCs (obviously) 
-Fan Art (I may not know the character, so you will need to be specific in what you want and I can't guarantee the quality)
-Marker, colored pencil, and/or crayon traditional art drawings

If there is something you want that isn't mentioned above, note me and I'll see what I can do! 

I reserve the right to deny any commissions if I feel I can't or won't do them for whatever reason. Please don't be mad! It may honestly just be due to my lack of time. Thanks for checking this out!
Alright, so here is my new digital commissions journal! I'm going to be leaving these prices up for summer, then raising them once I start college in August! There is an unlimited number of slots open as long as the journal is open.

Pretty much just note what you want, and I'll most likely get to it within a week or so (if it takes longer I will be sure to inform you). I'll post it when I'm done and make the image downloadable. If you don't want me to post it, just tell me and I'll send you the image and not post it!

I accept PayPal and points! Any questions at all, note me! Examples of my previous art are at the end of this journal!

Digital Sketch/Colour Commissions! [Open] by EvilCrayonsOfDoom
Sketch Commission Pricing*
  Head: $0.25/25 points
  Bust: $0.50/50 points
  Waist-Up: $1.00/100 points
  Knee- or Thigh-Up: $2.00/200 points
  Full Body:  $3.00/300 points
  Chibi: $2.50/250 points
Intricate Background: +$0.15/15 points

Colour Commissions Pricing*
  Head: $0.50/50 points
  Bust: $1.00/100 points
  Waist-Up: $2.00/200 points
  Knee- or Thigh-Up: $3.00/300 points
  Full Body:  $4.00/400 points
  Chibi: $3.50/350 points
Intricate Background: +$0.25/25 points

*Prices are per character

Won't Do...
  -Anthro/animals (no mammals)

Will Do...
  -Multiple characters
  -Insect/reptile/etc.-hybrids (ask if you aren't sure, but mostly as long as there isn't fur involved its probably fine)

If you want something not mentioned above, note me and I'll see what I can do! Thanks for checking out my commissions journal!

Some Examples 

Coloured Head: Delicious.  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Silk's Sister?  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Commission- Alex!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  The Book of Genesis! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Coloured Bust Art Trade- SpaceChildHere!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Request #15- Noathy by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Contest Entry- Seki!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Coloured Waist-Up Commission- Coat!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Commission- Elmo! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Commission- GoodGuyJinx! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Commission- Emilia!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom Silk and Shadow!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Coloured Thigh-Up Request #14- Xander Orion by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Contest Entry- Mistique by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Coloured Knee-Up: Safiya! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Contest Entry- Eve!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom
Coloured Full Body with Background: Mermaid! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Coloured Full-Body Digital Valentine!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom 

Coloured Chibi: My New Child!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Chibi Shadow!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Red Demon Chibi! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Father's Day Card!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom  Chibi Genesis!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Head Sketch: Fate!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Bust Sketch: Quick Vampire Girl Sketch! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Knee-Up Sketch Request- Chimera by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Full Body Sketch: Rev!  by EvilCrayonsOfDoom

Partially Coloured Full Body Sketch: Pride Month! by EvilCrayonsOfDoom
So as a sort of celebration thing for hitting 500+ watchers, I'm opening up this question journal. Y'all can ask me whatever you want and I'll answer (except my name or confidential personal stuff like my address, just as a disclaimer haha). Besides that, I'll answer whatever. Art stuff. OC stuff. Personal stuff. Other stuff? I don't know. If there are any comments, suggestions, critiques, whatever that y'all want to share with me to help me improve my art or my page I'm totally open to that too! 

Anyway! Thank you to all my awesome watchers! You guys are the best and I love all of you! :)
Yay! I hit 400+ watchers! Woooooo! Thank you guys just sooo much! Y'all are so awesome! So to celebrate I'm gonna take some requests.

Pretty much what I'm gonna do is leave this journal up for 1 day (24 hours) and whoever responds with a request within that time period I'll do it. Might extend it a bit depending, but if it says closed in the title I'm not taking anymore. I'm gonna make a list of them after the 24 hours is up and I close the journal. If anyone wants to request that is 😂.

To make a request comment it on this journal or send me a note. If it's a note please title it "400+ Request"! Organizational purposes.

General Rules:
1. Must be a watcher (new ones are welcome but don't you dare just leave right after)
2. No nsfw (gore is fine tho)
3. If you don't specify digital or traditional I'm gonna do whatever I want. So. If you have a preference tell me.
4. If it's an OC or fanart or something like that please give me a reference picture!

I'll get these done whenever I have time. Probably within the next two weeks depending on how many there are and what happens with my personal life. But probably.

Thank you guys so much for watching me!


(Excited rant about a game, please excuse. The friend I usually talk about this with is unavailable and my other friends don't care.)


I have an obsession
Bleeding Heart.
I have no idea what's going on here, if I'm being honest. I just started sketching and this happened. I think it's a guy. That was the intention. But he looks like a girl (like all of my guys ever). So I dunno.


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